Saturday, February 20, 2010


Today can go a thousand different ways. These are my options: Stay in bed sick, go to work sick, well, that's pretty much it. Some of us have to work so I'm at work sick. Went with Option 2.

I'm sitting in the middle of a giant bunch of paperwork and dreaming of all sorts of other things. This is my conundrum: I'm good at a lot of things, but I've never really taken the time and put forth the effort to be great at any one of them. So, I'm stuck wondering which one to pursue. I know one thing for sure-it has to be horse, ranch, or rodeo related. And that narrowed it down not one little iota.

Are there people that can help you narrow these things down? How long do you wait for an opportunity to pursue one of these full time? Lots and lots of questions, lots of different answers, just have to learn to be open to all of them.

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